Saturday, March 2, 2013

"I expect my room mate will burn building down"

And although i have filed the necessary paperwork to hopefully get her out of there, i am checking the kitchen every 15 minutes in the evening.

Last night, I checked the kitchen and she was not in there but had a pot of soup on high setting on the gas stove.  Next to the fire on top of the stove was a small cardbord box!

I turned down the stove, moved the box.

10 minutes later i heard water running.

Went back to kitchen and she was not in there but had faucet running on full blast.

I can't get in the kitchen to do anything.  It is filthy.  Always dishes in the sink, items on the washer like drinks or glasses!  Every surface covered with trash or her belongings.  I don't try to cook anymore. 

Since nearly everything has broken since she moved in i moved the microwave into my bedroom.  All I can think about is her burning this place down and the people in charge are moving too slow.

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