Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Where everybody knows your name"

Most of the time on buses i feel very oppressed, conversely, all the drivers know me by name and talk at length with the passengers.

One of the retired drivers, rides around with the driver because they are close friends.

He is a big joker with a distinctive new york accent.

He told me it is her birthday and i said "oh, she is 38 today!"

(that is the kind of detail you know in a small town)

I told John that i was going to sing happy birthday and he said "let me get off the bus first!" 

After i sang to her, he dropped a buck on the floor by accident.  i picked it up and yelled out that i'm rich!

He ssaid you know just keep it as a tip for singing happy birthday.

I said there is more where that came from! He replied:  "i will give you another buck NOT TO SING!

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