Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Hey Babe!"

Yesterday, i was in front of the cafe; i look up into the sky and their was a cluster of red white and blue helium balloons!

I was alone, but their were college kids outside sitting , some studying.

I yelled "HEY LOOK UP! "  (to anyone that would)

The girl near me looked up,and i asked her if she saw it.

She is a stunning beauty 30 years my junior about 19.  She was just turned around in a way that SHE THOUGHt  was perfectly normal, but could have been a successful shot on front cover of cosmo.

The girl had sexuality exuding from her pores.  Fair skinned, freckle faced with long straight strawberry blonde hair that was glistening in the sun.  Scantily clad.

Someone drove by and yelled: HEY BABE!

I smiled and said to her: "i have a sneaking suspicion that they were talking to you not me!"

She was cracking up.

I said:  ur young slender and scantily clad.

i asked her:  "Do u like the attention?"

she said that it comes from all the wrong men.  i told her i have the same problem.  i asked her if she thinks it is a degrading way for men to behave and she said yes.  Funny, the cat call was an open invite for what turned out to be an interesting exchange on men and dating.....

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