Friday, March 8, 2013

"Conditions for pedestrians are treacherous today"

So, after walking only a block i lucked out. Two women were standing outside of their auto.  One had just dropped off the other.

I asked if they were going past the market.  The woman who had just been given a ride said "the market is just right there!"  (she did not want her sister to give me a ride")

I said "just right there" is a 1/2 hour walk for a disabled person who has to traverse on the ice!

The driver said of course i will take you to the market.  So, on the way she says "I know my cough sounds scary but i am not contagious"  I said "don't worry everywhere i go everyone has a deathly sounding cough, just don't sweat it"

She said: "My sister is a writer and was away on a trip, i had to give her a ride"

I said "What kind of writer is she?  "Fiction or non fiction?"

the woman replied: "Oh neither one!  She's not THAT kind of writer!"  "She writes life stories, biography"

I replied "yes, that's what i do"

no response.

about 4 minutes later i get to my first destination.  But to get from there to the bus stop i had to walk in the middle of highway because of ice slush and flooded everything...............I am drenched to the bone even though i have 2 layers on.  No way i'll stay in Mountain Town for another winter.  Just too deadly for pedestrians.  Auto owners are clueless about what we go through.

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