Friday, March 22, 2013

"The concept of full disclosure"

I have heard that the young ones, perhaps 30 and under or so, are very into full disclosure on social media.  For as much as I'd like to do that i just don't find it to be appropriate.

I have already told you that my life is like a cross between The Glass Castle and My Stolen Life.

That being said  what i can tell you is that i am violently ill, and just not getting the care I need.  Life conditons are deplorable and inhumane.

Yes, there is occasional joy and it comes under the backdrop of living in a body that is wracked with excruciating bone, joint tendon and muscle pain.  Chronic migraines, violentlly ill stomach.  That's just a tiny bit of the story.

I guess it doesn't really matter that much that I only have one dollar a day in food stamps because I am on a semi fast anyhow since i am so sick.

Sure is ironic that my uncle made a billion dollars, wouldn't you say?

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