Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Dangerous to leave house for an evening"

I told my landlord that this is very serious sh#$.  I am turning the oven off every single evening because my room mate is not.  I check the kitchen every 1/2 hour or so in evenings. Turning off faucts left running and unattended; and turning down the heat on the unattended stove with a pot of food that is unnecessarily left on high (gas) with a cardboard box lying on the stove next to the unattended fire! (while she is hanging out in her bedroom!)

I told landlord that i am the reason that the 6 of us tenants are still alive.  Needless to say with this and hundreds of other things that have turned me into a caregiver, i'm lucky to sleep a few minutes a night.  Of course you know i had plenty of things robbing me of sleep even before she moved in, now that's a given.

The appropriate authorities are processing my complaint, request and concer about an inappropriate roommate placement (to say the least/but the stress of knowing i'm in this kind of danger in the meantime is unreal.

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