Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"It takes a village to raise a child"

It's always a very tough call.  When is is appropriate for me to get involved when parents are being grossly negligent.

There have been three recent incidents where i knew i had to do something.  Well, 2 where i had to, and one where i wanted to.

The first incident was a want to.  A mother on the bus forbade her 3 year old daughter from going to the playground just because she lost her hair clip.  I was tortured about it, the girl started crying.  After a grueling 5 to 10 minutes, i was ready to disembark.  I quietly said "Mommy, please let your daughter go to the playground!"  (it was an exceptionally good day to play outside) she laughed , probably out of embarassment, then said "but she lost her hairclip!"

incident 2

A 3 yo boy was in the street where the bus easily would have pulled out and run him over.  The grandmother did not even notice.  I told the boy he needed to go to the sidewalk.

Incident 3 was today.  The 3 yo boy was with his always oblivious 2 parents on the bus.  The boy climbed behind the seat to lay on the wheel well!  The parents did nothing.  I waited , waited , waited.  About 2 minutes before the driver was due to pull off, i went up to him to alert him of the situation.  He told the boy that theboy needed to move, but he did not demand the boy sit in a seat. 

This made the mom angry at me well tough sh#$%

Like obama said when he went to new town connecticut:


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